PBN networks to promote any projects. I offer promotion of your projects through PBN networks.

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  1. PBN networks to promote any projects. I offer promotion of your projects through PBN networks.
    Promotion includes targeted traffic to the site and link ranking.
    Today it is the most budgetary and effective way to promote the Internet. The budget is at the level of 120 thousand rubles. per year,
    including hosting and referral. There are no other payments.
    At the same time, payment is made for visible results. The scheme is absolutely transparent.
    You get targeted traffic and a link to the site in 2-3 weeks of work.

    At the start, only the VPS is payable - $15, and you pay (register) the domains.
    Domains quickly get a good trust, so it is advisable to register them for yourself.
    There are 2000 rubles. per year for only 10 RU domains. Good drop domains
    I'll help you find it for free. For a grid of 20,000 sites, 9-10
    2nd-level domains are enough. Can be more. But on subdomains, too, a good result.
    The network itself is done in a week. Rates: 100 thousand rubles. for a network of 20-25 thousand
    sites. Everything is turnkey. Payment for the finished grid is 5 rubles / site.
    I show all 20-25 thousand sites and pay. The amount also includes a corral in the index.

    The PBN working grid is a great springboard for promoting the
    main project links. An unlimited number of links to the main
    resource is placed from the grid. Anchor and bezanchor. Also, a network of sites is a source of targeted
    search traffic. Traffic is redirected from network sites. For traffic, the arithmetic is simple -
    1.2 visits from each site is just 20-40 thousand traffic per day.
    The set of the finished grid includes a TDS script - for distributing this traffic.

    In more detail, it is the scaling of your business and its SEO promotion.
    Everyone understands what scaling is - you had one store, you opened 10 more in different
    parts of the city, the company's revenue multiplied by 10. There was one cafe, opened another thousand - it turned out to be a McDonald's network.

    And now we do the same on the Internet. You had one site, we are launching
    thousands more sites on your subject. This is the service offered. The cost is not more than
    5 rubles. for a beautiful multi-page site. Wholesale discounts
    The minimum order is several thousand sites. Number of sites
    limited only by hosting capabilities.

    Payment for the finished grid. You manage the entire network by traffic, keywords and
    links. Your website is also promoted by traffic and links from the grid.

    Hosting only. A grid of sites is made in a week, I show
    ready-made sites and pay. Any number of domains from 10 to 1000 2nd level domains. Better drop domains.
    With 10 domains, most of the grid sites will be hosted on subdomains.
    Turnkey cost: 2 thousand rubles. - domains for a year. 12 thousand rubles - hosting for a year.
    100 thousand rubles - make a grid. Total 114 thousand rubles. in year. The second year and beyond - only hosting
    and domain renewal - 14 thousand rubles. in year.

    Traffic examples:

    http://screenshot.ru/69f36a8776df37efb0e9ad80b6b25c73 - cinema English.
    http://screenshot.ru/0494cdf0646592cff0a7c30856457b1e - entertainment theme in English.
    http://screenshot.ru/953f866929f455c5327d8ddf4965779e - building
    http://screenshot.ru/79104ad55b14fd4c1d4d33909641e51f - mainstream traffic. English
    http://screenshot.ru/a78d06eb599858afebedc7c903abe241 - English cryptocurrencies
    http://screenshot.ru/b18ada8b973d42150c94369c8ca9ed62 - real estate http://screenshot.ru/cf9e90285fb593eea0f27ae00e65bee6
    - jewelry, jewelry , clothes

    site with an anchor on the desired topic. Or bezankor. Perhaps the anchor text
    environment - this works in Yandex and Google. Example :
    http://screenshot.ru/198562677221cb14ecf111da77ad606f _ on request knives, knife shop, sale of knives, buy knives, etc. In Google so far, only 2 words in the TOP. On other topics: At the request of zepter, zepter, zepter dishes, zepter dishes - in the TOP 10 site www.zepter-moscow.ru and in Yandex and Google. I made a grid of sites for links on dishes three years ago.

    http://screenshot.ru/7bab8828fe052ff3b822fbeae3fcea92 - restaurants related traffic from the grid

    There are 11 2nd level domains in the grid. 20 thousand sites. Domains were registered on February 2, 2019.
    Traffic started on February 20. The dynamics of desktop traffic is visible in the picture.
    The traffic is being torn apart in the cities. The theme is close to McDonald's - restaurants and cafes in different cities.
    More than 20 million restaurant keywords work on the grid
    - the name of the restaurant + the cities of Russia + the names of dishes from the menu.

    Here is the message from the client.
    There with examples and details. Everything is written on the technical side:
    We reached the TOP for a large list of keywords: http://tds.mirobank.ru/rest.txt
    both in Yandex and Google. Almost everything is in the TOP. Site allcafe.ru and subdomains by cities on it.
    Positions in the TOP for now:
    https://photo -screen.ru/i/oXXHOyZuy

    An example of a bridal salon: http://screenshot.ru/685c037ecffe7c706cb5cc6b58f4aa6e - has been working stably
    for more than six months.

    For cryptocurrency bourgeois. http://screenshot.ru/213bac0d22e0f4501afef2d901886b17

    For mobile applications: http://screenshot.ru/5df5ab2128a88c042a2ca13c1c11b2ca


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    Telegram: @AlexPBN
    (Alexey Ustinov)
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