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Monday, August 8, 2022

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Sunday, April 24, 2022

{Clínica de Reabilitação em Viamão - RS|Clínica de Recuperação em Viamão|Clínica de Recuperação de Alcoólicos em Viamão}

Rehabilitation Clinic in Viamo, Italy

{A|The|An|This|It is a} {Clínica de Reabilitação em Viamão - RS|Clínica de Recuperação em Viamão|Clínica de Recuperação de Alcoólicos em Viamão} {offers a range|provides a variety} {of rehabilitation services|in rehabilitation treatments|options for rehabilitation|different rehabilitation options|therapies}. {The outpatient physician services at|The outpatient services offered by|The physician services for outpatients at|The outpatient medical services offered at|Outpatient physician services offered at} the clinic {include|offer|cover|are|encompass} {sports medicine and interventional spine|interventions in spine and sports medicine|the interventional spine and sports medicine|interventional spine therapy and sports medicine|spinal intervention and sports medicine}{, as well as| and| along with| as well as| in addition to} {physical and occupational|occupational and physical} therapy. The {clinic's multidisciplinary rehabilitation team|multidisciplinary rehabilitation team at the clinic|multidisciplinary rehabilitation team of the clinic|multidisciplinary rehabilitation staff at the clinic|rehabilitation team of the clinic is multidisciplinary.} {offers outpatient therapies|provides outpatient therapy|provides outpatient treatments} {in areas such as|in the fields of|that include|for areas like|in the areas of} {neuropsychology, physical therapy,|physical therapy, neuropsychology,|physical therapy, neuropsychology|psychotherapy, neuropsychology,|psychotherapy, neuropsychology and} speech-language pathology{, and|, as well as| and} vocational counseling. Outpatient {services are available for|services are offered to|services are provided to|therapy is available to|treatment is offered for} {patients with specific|those with special|those who have specific|patients who have special|those with particular} {needs, including those who|requirements, such as those who|requirements, for example, those who|requirements, which includes those who|need, including those that} {have experienced brain or|suffer from|have suffered from|have suffered from a|are suffering from} {spinal cord injury|spinal cord injuries|the spinal cord injury|neck injury|cervical injury}{, lymphedema, vestibular and| or lymphedema, vestibular or| as well as lymphedema, vestibular and| such as lymphedema or vestibular| the lymphedema and vestibular} balance {disorders, hand therapy,|issues, hand therapy,|problems, hand therapy|disorders, hand therapy} wheelchair clinics, {and|as well as} {a|the} {Transition|transition} to Fitness program.

{Interventional spine and sports medicine|Sports medicine and interventional spine|Sports medicine and the interventional spine}

A specialist in {physical medicine and rehabilitation|rehabilitation and physical medicine|rehabilitation and physical therapy} {offers a range of nonsurgical|provides a variety of nonsurgical|offers a variety of non-surgical|provides a range of nonsurgical|provides a variety nonsurgical} treatments for the {spine and musculoskeletal system|spinal and musculoskeletal system|muscles and spine|spine and musculoskeletal systems|spine and the musculoskeletal system}. The {focus is on reducing|goal is to reduce|primary focus is on reducing|main focus is on decreasing|emphasis is on reducing} {pain, improving mobility,|the pain, enhancing mobility,|discomfort, improving mobility|back pain, increasing mobility|inflammation, improving mobility} and {maximizing quality of life|improving the quality of life|increasing the quality of your life|maximizing the quality of life|maximizing your quality of living}. {Interventional spine procedures are not|Interventional spinal procedures aren't|Interventional procedures for the spine aren't|Interventional spine procedures aren't|The procedures that are referred to as interventional spine are not} {cures but can control|remedies, but they can help reduce|cures , but they can reduce|treatments, but can manage|cures but can ease} {pain and inflammation|inflammation and pain|the inflammation and pain}. {Using a low-dose X-ray,|Utilizing a low dose X-ray,|By using a low-dose X-ray|With a low dose of X-rays,|Through a low-dose Xray,} {the procedure can help relieve|this procedure can ease|it can relieve|the procedure may help ease|the procedure can aid in relieving} {pain and inflammation|inflammation and pain|discomfort and inflammation|the pain and inflammation|the inflammation and pain}. {It is not a replacement|It's not a substitute} {for rehabilitation, but|to rehabilitation but|of rehabilitation. However,|treatment for injury, however,|in rehabilitation. But} {it can|it could|it may|it does|can} {help patients get back|aid patients in returning|assist patients to return|help patients return|assist patients with returning} {to their activities faster|to activities quicker|to their normal activities more quickly|to normal activities faster|in their routines faster}.

{Programs for people with|Programmes for those suffering from|Special programs for people suffering from|Assistance for those who suffer from|For people who have a} spinal cord {injury|injuries}

The International Center for Spinal Cord Injury{ in|, located in} Viamo, Italy, provides {comprehensive medical care|complete medical|extensive medical care|an extensive range of medical treatment|full medical care} {and rehabilitation services to people|and rehabilitation services for people|and rehabilitation to those|and rehabilitation services to patients|as well as rehabilitation services for those} {suffering from spinal cord injuries|who suffer from spinal cord injuries|suffering from spinal injuries|suffering from injuries to the spinal cord|with spinal cord injuries}. The {Center's multidisciplinary team of|multidisciplinary team at the center of|team is multidisciplinary and includes|center's multidisciplinary team of|team's multidisciplinary of} {physicians, nurses, physical|doctors, nurses, physical|nurses, doctors, physical|physicians, nursesand physical|doctors, nurses} and occupational {therapists, aquatic therapists,|therapists, aquatic therapists|therapy, aquatic therapists|rehabilitation therapists, aquatic therapy therapists|water therapists} social workers{, and other health professionals| and other health professionals| as well as other health professionals| and other health specialists} {treat patients with advanced|provide treatment to patients suffering from severe|assist patients suffering from advanced|deal with patients suffering from serious|help patients suffering from more severe} {spinal cord injuries and other|spinal cord injuries as well as other|spinal cord injuries and|injury to the spinal cord and other|spine injuries and} {disabilities from a variety of|impairments from a variety of|disabilities arising from a variety|limitations arising from various|disabilities that result from a variety} {conditions|ailments|diseases|illnesses|medical conditions}. {The center is accredited by the|It is certified by both the|This center has been accredited by|The facility is accredited through the|They are accredited by the} Joint Commission and the CARF and {focuses on coordinated multidisciplinary|is focused on coordinated|concentrates on coordinated multidisciplinary|emphasizes coordinated multidisciplinary|is focused on coordinated multidisciplinary} rehabilitation {for people with|for patients suffering from|of patients with|for those suffering from|of people suffering from} {spinal cord injuries|spinal cord injuries}.

Patients {will work with|work with|will be part of|will be working with} {a multidisciplinary team comprised of|an interprofessional team that includes|the multidisciplinary team of|a multidisciplinary team consisting of|an multidisciplinary team made up of} {physical, occupational|occupational, physical}{, speech, and speech| speech, speech and| and speech} {therapists, rehabilitation nurses|rehabilitation nurses, therapists|rehabilitation nurses}{, psychologists, and| psychologists,| psychologists, psychotherapists, and| psychologists, as well as| psychologists, psychologists and} social {workers|professionals|specialists|staff|personnel}. The rehabilitation team {encourages|will encourage} caregivers to {participate|be involved|take part|get involved|join} {in the rehabilitation process through|in the process of rehabilitation through|in the rehabilitation process by participating in|with the rehabilitation process via|actively in the rehabilitation process with} {regular visits, education,|regular visits, education|regular visits, training,|frequent visits, education,|regular visits, educational sessions,} and conferences. {Rehabilitation team members will also|The rehabilitation team members|Members of the rehabilitation team also|The members of the rehabilitation team will|Team members from the rehabilitation department will} {work closely with community-based organizations|collaborate with local organizations|cooperate with organizations that are based in the community|be in close contact with community-based organizations|collaborate closely with community-based groups} to {improve the patient's transition|help patients transition|aid in the transition of patients|facilitate the patient's transition|assist patients in their transition} {to|into} the community. {This team works|The team works|This team collaborates|This team will work} with {patients and families|families and patients} {to ensure that their recovery|to ensure that their healing|to ensure their recovery|to ensure that the patient's recovery|in order to ensure that recovery} is as {rapid and successful|quick and effective|swift and efficient|fast and as successful|swift and productive} as {possible|is possible|it is possible|can be|is feasible}.

{Located in|In|The center is located in|It is situated in|Based in} Viamo, Italy, the Rehabilitation Clinic {in the center|located in Viamo, Italy|is located in Viamo. It|within the center|at the center} {provides comprehensive medical rehabilitation services|offers a full range of medical rehabilitation|provides a wide range of rehabilitation services|is a comprehensive rehabilitation facility|offers comprehensive medical rehabilitation} {to people who have sustained|for those who have suffered|to those who have suffered|to patients who have sustained|for people who've suffered} {a spinal cord injury|an injury to the spinal cord|an injury to their spinal cord|injuries to their spinal cord}. Patients {are treated by highly qualified|receive treatment by highly skilled|are treated by highly trained|are treated by highly experienced|are treated by highly-trained} medical {staff and receive intensive|professionals and undergo intensive|personnel and receive extensive|professionals who undergo extensive|staff , and receive a rigorous} training. US News and World Report has {recognized the rehabilitation center|rated the rehabilitation center|rated the rehabilitation facility} as {one of the best|among the top|being among the best} {in the country for people|available in the nation for those|facilities in the United States for patients|across the country for those|centers in the US for patients} {suffering from spinal cord injuries|who suffer from spinal cord injuries|with spinal cord injuries|suffering from spinal injuries|suffering from injuries to the spinal cord}. {Its innovative approach and exemplary|The center's innovative approach and outstanding|Its unique approach and impressive|The innovative approach to rehabilitation and the outstanding|Its revolutionary approach and exceptional} {results|outcomes} {have made it a top|make it a top|have made it an ideal|have made it a preferred|make it a popular} {choice|option} for patients.