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Our specialty is digital communication that connects. Your brand and message need to speak well of you.
Websites, copywriting, video, social media, books, email marketing, blogs, articles, landing pages, audience building, data collection and automated sales funnels are just a few of our services. Whether you want to call us for a web designer, internet marketing service, marketing agency, advertising agency, and/or marketing consultant--these are all things we do with specialty in SEO. We know how to create a niche message for you and build your footprint (called domain authority) for Google's referrals of your future clients.
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SEO Specialist Common Questions

See SEO questions and answers below, or call us at 314 712-0658. 
  • What's the fastest way to get phone calls?

    There are two key services known for immediate leads in the form of phone calls to your business: 1) Pay-Per-Click and 2) Local SEO. 

    1) Pay-Per-Click is the first search result returned on any Google search page. You'll know it is Pay-Per-Click because next to the listing there is a little green square with the words 'Ad' inside. As the name implies, you pay everytime someone clicks on your website's ad listing. To get the phone ringing quickly you can call Google directly and set up your Pay-Per-Click Campaign (also called a 'Google Ad Campaign') or employ an expert with higher call volume conversion like me :-)

    2) Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website in tandem with your Google My Business page so that you are dominant in Google's MAP 3-Pack listings--which are the results on a google search page that come directly under the Google Ads. These results are particularly effective for phone calls because they have a phone icon that calls you directly, as well as a directions icon for quick mapping directions to your business, plus a website icon that allows potential clients to view information about your business before calling.

  • How Does SEO Make My Business Money?

    Search Engine Optimization helps business owners, and side hustlers get their websites referred by google's search engine, so that when certain words are sought online Google refers your website over your competitors website. Web traffic, online sales and #1 rankings increases start with the words on your website which act as triggers telling Google that you want their referral. Onsite optimization is the process of researching which keywords your business has an advantage in attaining and then implementing those keywords on your webpage in the right places, quantity and content quality to ensure you're website is referred. But that's just the start because there are also offsite optimizations called backlink building that places your website's url on other business website's pages to signal that your website is trusted and referred by other websites. This includes social media pages linking back to your website (often called Web 2.0 sites), as well as referrals from websites with domain authority like citation sites, journalism sites, blog sites, video sites, and other trusted business sites. As more websites trust and link to your website, your brand becomes more trustworthy in Google's eyes.

  • What can SEO Services do for me?

    SEO Services helps your business or side hustle website acquire trust with Google's search engine by increasing your keyword rankings online, increasing the number of websites linking back to your website and creating valuable keyword content that builds your website's authority in Google's eyes--first locally, then nationally. for keyword searches on Google. 

  • Do you build websites that come SEO ready?


    We build websites that are SEO battle-ready from the day they are launched. Rather than building a fancy website that no one ever sees, we think it is essential to have an  SEO traffic plan from jump. Plus, you'll always own your website and have full control of your web domain. That's just how we roll.

    Finally, building your website with us from the beginning just ensures that you're always on the cutting edge of SEO, because what good is a website that never gets found by potential clients looking for your services.

  • Will SEO make my phone ring?


    Especially industry's where immediate service is necessary like doctors, urgent cares, dentists, law firms, garage door services, roofing, mold removal and restoration services, auto repair services, dog grooming businesses, tree trimming and removal, plumbers, towing, restaurants, gas stations, massage therapy, and many other verticals. 

    In general, businesses thrive specifically because Google's search engine refers their phone number and/or website. Often this happens through onsite optimization in tandem with Google My Business optimization and it's good for everyone but extremely powerful for businesses providing urgent services.

  • How do I get started with SEO Services?

    Call 314-712-0658 or fill out the form above--and SEO Services will run a complimentary SEO Audit of your website url--which shows us how you're currently visible to Google and the steps necessary to take to outclass your competition online.

    I will ask you simple questions about what you want to accomplish through your website and propose a detailed plan for how you can accomplish your business goals online. 

    There is no cost for consultation.

  • Is social media a part of SEO?

    Yes. Social media is an ever increasing part of how search engines, like Google, measure the relevance of your business.  Integrating your website url with branded social media signals Google that you want referrals from facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter, youtube, pinterest, reddit, blogger, tumblr and many other free domain authority sites that are also social media communities.

    "I don't want to do all that, can you do it for me?"

    You bet.

  • Do you run FB Ads and Google Ads?


    Facebook Ads and Google Ads (Adwords) are for generating short term(immediate) leads, sales, and traffic. We recommend running a Facebook Ads program with every SEO project so you can get your website off the ground in the short term, while we are building your brand and presence for the long term search dominance.

SEO Cleanup

SEO Cleanup is an often neglected aspect of SEO. If you've changed your brand name, location, or used multiple phone numbers over the years, Google has collected inconsistent data and may be penalizing you from ranking. Search Engine Optimization cleanup helps business owners, and side hustlers gain #1 rankings online for keyword searches on Google by making sure your brand and information online are consistent. Traffic, sales and rankings increase through services including onsite optimization, content writing for thought leadership, backlink building, and Google My Business Optimization. But if any of these companions of SEO contradicts the other... you need an SEO cleanup.


SEO services clarify your digital identity to Google and clients. Some business' want more visibility, others want certain listings to disappear, and still others want specific keywords to return their brand in search engines. Whatever goals you have online, we'll get you the search results you're looking for. 


Copy writing Content is one of the four pillars of SEO. On site content (website content) and offsite content (blog, video, social) work together to generate interest in your services and drive traffic and sales through your website or landing pages (Google Ads). Copy writing content focuses on making sure the keywords you'd like to be discovered for are correctly prioritized on your website and backlinked on your offsite properties. 


Traffic is essential but it isn't magical. We do not manufacture traffic and only use white hat SEO. This means we maximize your digital properties by making them speak to the marketplace clearly. We excel at building your audience through social media, search engine optimization and Google Ads campaigns. Essentially, we're your matchmaker because we help your services connect to the audience they are intended to reach. Then, we keep building that audience day-after-day.


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Monty was very professional and communicated well. He even went above my expectations and gave his professional opinion on some things that were outside the scope of this job, which I really appreciated. I will definitely be using him again in the future for SEO work.
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I needed someone to help my business rank better, I went with Monty because of his Weebly experience and he did not disappoint! Not only did he deliver what I needed, he is a super friendly, down to earth guy who took the time to explain stuff to me along the way. Monty went above and beyond and will definitely be my go to guy going forward.
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Monty went above and beyond to assist me with setting up SEO for my website as well as doing keyword research and setting up my google my business listing and google Adwords campaign. He is a true professional with amazing communication skills and is very knowledgeable in his field. I will definitely use Monty's services again in the future!
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