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Proxy Buddy is an award-winning proxy scanner and proxy tester. It allows to automatically and easily scrape, test, filter, and export thousands of public proxy servers according to your requirements. The one-click autopilot feature allows to automatically harvest and test thousands of proxy servers with just a single click.

Proxy servers can be easily exported lists in different formats for all major SEO software applications and bots. A special Google search test allows to test if the proxy server is able to scrape search engine results from Google.

Don’t waste time manually scanning and testing proxies. With Proxy Buddy, you can quickly and easily find the perfect proxy servers for your needs. Try it today and see the difference it can make for your SEO efforts.

What our Clients say

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Awesome software and the developer is very friendly and works with you. Wish more people were this nice and caring. Thanks again.
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Great program and excellent seller. I ordered both Proxy Buddy and Index Buddy with no complaint.

What is the best proxy scraper?

Proxy Buddy is one of the most powerful proxy scrapers for public US proxy servers. The software is able to scrape HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4 and Socks5 proxy servers easily. All found proxy servers will be composed by the scraper into an easily readable list. This fresh proxy scraper list can be imported into SEO tools. That’s why Proxy Buddy is also called “SEO proxy scraper.”

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between a client and another server, such as a web server. When a client connects to a proxy server, the proxy server forwards the client’s request to the destination server and returns the response to the client.

Proxy servers are commonly used for a variety of purposes, such as to improve network performance and reduce bandwidth usage, to filter and control access to content, and to protect the privacy and security of users. For example, a client may connect to a proxy server to access content that is blocked by a firewall, or to encrypt their communication to protect their privacy.

What is a proxy scraper?

A proxy server scraper is a tool or software that is used to automatically collect and store information about proxy servers. A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between a client and another server, such as a web server. When a client connects to a proxy server, the proxy server forwards the client’s request to the destination server and returns the response to the client.

A proxy server scraper typically works by automatically sending requests to a large number of proxy servers and collecting information about the proxy servers, such as their IP address, port number, anonymity level, and response time. The scraper may also test the proxy servers to determine whether they are working properly and are suitable for use.

The collected information about the proxy servers can then be used for various purposes, such as to provide a list of available proxy servers for use by other applications or to monitor the performance of the proxy servers.

Key Features


Proxy Buddy is the proxy scraper software for scraping high quality proxies. It comes with a built-in list of fresh, regularly updated proxy sources. These allows to easily scrape huge lists of Google proxies each and every day. Found proxy lists can be used with all popular SEO software, SEO tools, and bots, including but not limited to GSA Search Engine Ranker, SENuke, Scrapebox.


Proxy Buddy is the world’s fastest proxy tester on the market for Windows Desktop. With socket-based multi-threading support, it can test more than 10.000 proxies every minute. It tests proxies for Google Pass (Google Search) and determines the country, speed, anonymity, SSL support, and the used protocol (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCK4, SOCKS5). The proxy server’s IP address will be checked for blacklisting in the stopforumspam database.


Proxy Buddy comes with the ability to use advanced scheduling (task-management) features to automate nearly every feature. Tasks only have to be setup once and they will run by themselves after the defined time. Tasks can be created for proxy scraping, testing, filtering, exporting, or sending lists of proxies by email.


Proxy Buddy can send your fresh proxy lists by mail to one or multiple email addresses or upload them to your FTP server. The proxies can be filtered by country, protocol, Google Pass, blacklisting, speed, and anonymity.


Proxy Buddy can automatically filter your proxy list and only keep the best proxies to save you even more time. Just setup a task to automatically filter your list for your preferred proxy servers.

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