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окт?бр? 2013г.


Поно? (медицин?кий термин - диаре?) - ра??трой?тво ?тула у детей. Поно? - ?то ча?то в?тречающее?? ра??трой?тво пищеварени?, которое возникает в?лед?твие многих причин.


окт?бр? 2013г.

Па?порт школьника

Опа?но дл? ?емьи - ювенальна? ю?тици?!

Па?порт здоровь? школьника - документ ужа?ающий

Ирина Медведева, директор Ин?титута демографиче?кой безопа?но?ти прокомментировала предложение Мини?тер?тво образовани? Ро??ии вве?ти в ?тране "па?порт здоровь? школьника" …"


окт?бр? 2013г.


То, как ведет ?еб? мама, ее поведение и манера общени? во многом ?вл?ют?? определ?ющими показател?ми в ?тановлении ребенка как лично?ти, и в ?в?зи ? ?тим ?уще?твует определенна? опа?но?ть дл? его п?ихики, котора?, к ?ожалению, очень ра?про?транена.


окт?бр? 2013г.


Кажда? начитанна? мамочка знает, когда дети обычно начинают ползать, когда ходить, когда говорить. ? вот когда приучение к горшку прои?ходит мак?имально легко, мало кто знает.

Бывает так, что проход?т ме??цы мучений и по?то?нной борьбы, а потом, р-р-раз, и за не?колько дней ребенок научил?? ходить на горшочек. Мама облегченно вздыхает: "?аконец-то, научила!".

Сразу прошу мен? извинить за ?лишком подробное объ??нение физиологии ребенка, без ?того ?тать? не имела бы ?мы?ла. ?ачну ? ?амого ра?про?траненного вопро?а,


?ент?бр? 2013г.


Зачать ребенка, перед зачатием Что нужно ?делать дл? того, чтобы зачать ребенка? Во-первых, отменить контрацептивы, во-вторых, на?троить?? на беременно?ть и ра??лабить??, а в-третьих, набрать?? терпени? и ждать.


?ент?бр? 2013г.

Современный человек уверен, что уборка дет?кой комнаты ?вл?ет?? ?амой трудной по ?равнению ? очи?ткой о?тальных помещений в доме. Чтобы решить проблему и не навредить малышу, необходимо ?ледовать рекомендаци?м ?пециали?тов.


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He cannot

He cannot These requirements not only are overestimated, but also are premature, obviously go beyond abilities of the child.

He cannot realize that from him want and respectively cannot arrive as adults insist on it.

These parents treat the child as though he is much more senior, than is actually.

When you study relationship such, the accurate impression is made that the parent feels at heart uncertainly, unreliably, doubts that it love, and considers the child as a source of a consolation, a support, waits from it for love and a consolation.

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Sosaniye of fingers at the child at artificial feeding.

Usually it begins when he drinks the portion of milk not in minutes, as earlier, and for It occurs because the child becomes more senior and is stronger, and nipples wear out and become softer.

When you buy new nipples, irrespective of time for which the child exhausts the portion, do not expand openings, then the child needs more time to exhaust the portion of milk.

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In the first

In the first Mothers often ask: When the child starts seeing?

It is gradual process, as well as all other stages of development of the child.

Right after the birth it can distinguish light from darkness.

Too bright light disturbs him and forces to close eyes.

In the first weeks the newborn starts stopping a look on subjects near himself.

To one or two months he learns faces of relatives and reacts to their emergence.

By three months the child already examines everything round himself.

In the first months it is still difficult for child to coordinate both eyes and he often mows.

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At a poem

At a poem At a cockerel.

At whom long ears?

At a hare.

At whom red fur coat and fluffy tail?

At a fox.

At whom izba bast?

At the hare.

At whom izba ice?

At a fox.

At whom a braid on a shoulder?

At a cockerel.

Mobile game Once upon a time there was a Hare.

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Once upon a time there was a hare, Long ears.

Long ears, Ears on the top.

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And teenager? In absolute

And teenager? In absolute But look as manifestations and symptoms differ.

The adult, being in average degree of a depression, usually awfully looks, feels unfortunate, everything falls at him from hands.

And teenager?

In absolute majority of cases the teenager looks really suppressed, only if it has very strong depression and if already at first sight it is possible to tell: Oh, yes this child, undoubtedly, in a depression, be sure that he / she is so suppressed that is close to suicide.

Of course, in any situations there are exceptions.

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By the evening

By the evening However, they met not frequently the boy was with the grandmother, and parents worked and built giving, to break was once.

By September first temperature began to increase, began head god.

Treatment by antibiotics as it was already told, did not help.

Here the second month it does not go to school, the whole day stays at home one, obediently carrying out all instructions of doctors.

By the evening when parents come back, the headache begins and temperature rises.

Mother remembers: last year as if on purpose!

. . . . . .


If at your

If at your Its organism is too sensitive to pollen of these flowers which does not disturb other people at all.

Some people have a hay fever in the spring because they are sensitive to pollen of certain trees, and at others in the summer, from certain herbs.

If at your child every year the cold with an itch lasting for weeks at the same time begins consult to the doctor.

And by results of skin tests on the suspected types of pollen the doctor can determine by appearance of a nose, whether the disease of hay fever is.

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