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Oxbridge Law Essays are the best essay writing service based in based in Vienna, for essay writing. Get a Oxbridge essay writer. We offer private academic essay writers for students to get the best possible grades in law and other degree courses as well as preparing assignments for applicants for law interviews. We can offer you legal academic essay writers that are Oxbridge and Russell Group-educated, lawyers, academics to qualified barristers who provide academic essay writing services.


All our essay writers have graduated or are postgraduate law students at Oxford and Cambridge and other Russell Group Universities with first class honours degrees. We can provide a essay writer all courses and for any degree in law: LLB, LLM, PGDL/GDL, PhD, and we also offer writers for professional courses such as the SEQ1&2 and for opinion writing, drafting, skeleton arguments and legal research for the Bar Course, Bar Training Course (BTC), Bar Practice Course (BPC), Bar Vocational Course (BVC), and Bar Vocational Studies (BVS). We also supply research assistance for the LLM and prepare university admission essays and assignments for law based job interviews. We also offer a full dissertation writing service at all levels for a LLB dissertation, LLM dissertation and PhD thesis.

We have handpicked the best academic writers, academic barristers and universities lecturers who have the experience to provide a holistic essay writing service to help students to achieve the best results at university to help them get into in a difficult job market. We have also taken the brightest graduates from the top universities and amalgamated this with their writing experience to provide a full range of essay writing for every law course. In terms of law essay writing, all bases of knowledge and experience have been covered. Oxbridge Law Essays offers the most comprehensive law essay writing service and essay writers from around the world internationally. We look forward to assisting you through your studies ensuring you get the best marks in your assignments taking you into a successful career.


LEVEL OF LAW essays avalaible

Undergraduate GRADES

Upper First-Class Honours (75% plus)

First-Class Honours (70-74%)

Upper Second-Class Honours (60-69%)

Lower Second-Class Honours (50-59%)

Third-Class Honours (40-49%)

Postgraduate GRADES

Distinction: A final grade of (70% plus)

Merit: A final grade of (60-69%)

Pass: A final grade of (50-59%)





The research suggests that academic writing without an ethos produces significantly different outcomes for students. In order to coordinate our academic writing services in the right way, we use various degrees of communicative participation, and through this our essay writing build notions such as trust, care, concern, and responsibility, all of which are believed to be prominent for professional ethos. We know from experience that a professional ethos manifested in academic writing leads to success. This is what makes us the best essay writing service worldwide.


The ethos of Oxbridge Law Essay can be summarised in three simple words: i) Experienced; ii) Engagement; and iii) Qualified.


Our essay writers have all had prior expertise with legal studies. Our essay writers have all successfully navigated the LLB, LLM, and the training contract or pupillage application process with first class, distinctions and outstanding results. Many have academic writing expertise, and our top writers have actually trained and worked as solicitors and counsel in leading law firms and Chambers. This is the sort of experience that gives our essay writers much added value to the academic written work we produce for law students - it is our conviction at Oxbridge Law Essays that the extra experience of our essay writers distinguishes them from the other essay writing and law tutoring services available.


A supportive approach and understanding is required for effective essay writing. It is not enough to be experienced and at the top in your profession; you must actively engage with your student and support their interest at all times. We offer a consultation with your essay writer to ensure you are part of the process. Even the most complicated legal essay must be broken down into digestible bits and written in simple English. Our law essay writer are not only experts in law and academia, but also in communication and writing. We ensure this by interviewing all every potential law essay writer and closely evaluate their progress through rigorous feedback.


Oxbridge Law Essays hires a limited number of qualified academics who have expertise grading high-level exam papers and preparing exam questions at the country's top two institutions. Even at our lowest level, every essay writer on offer will have be enrolled in legal studies at Russell Group Universities – they were not your typical law graduates, they were the best at their institutions.

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Our primary goal is to offer a new type of comprehensive professional essay writing service. It is holistic in the sense that it caters not only to LLB undergraduates, but also to LLM or non-law postgraduates, PGDL/GDL students, PhD candidates, those pursuing professional courses such as the Solicitors Qualification Exam (SQE 1&2) and the Bar Course, Bar Training Course (BTC), Bar Practice Course (BPC), Bar Vocational Course (BVC), and Bar Vocational Studies (BVS). We also provide written support in assessments for those with interviews for vacation schemes and training contracts. Our service is unique in that every essay writer is of the best calibre available in the essay writing industry, having graduated from Oxbridge or working in top legal positions and specialising in legal academic writing.

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We are aware that a lot of custom essay writing companies provide essay writing services. Do not choose the wrong one and set your self up for academic bankruptcy. We specialise in legal academic writing and other social science subjects. Our concentration on law and the exceptional calibre of every academic writer, along with the customer service from the support team is what sets Oxbridge Law Essays apart.

You can order an essay or dissertation and work with your academic writer, who will serve as a mentor to you throughout his or her time as your writer. We also understand that not everyone clicks - we will always have a backup essay writers accessible at your request, and we will provide you total freedom in terms of meeting your deadlines, as long as your chosen specialist is available.

We go above and above to guarantee that your legal career is not derailed from the start. According to our expectations, there is a significant dropout rate on law courses. The SQE has made things harder. It is anticipated to be up to one-third of all students who begin the course drop out. It is thus compatible with our philosophy, which is to guarantee that our clients' prospects of success in the legal profession are not hampered.

Our vision is to make certain that each law student does not collapse at this obstacle, and gets the best possible marks in all of their assignments, essays, coursework and dissertation.


We pair you with experienced academic essay writer who offers a consultation and will produce a bespoke model essays and dissertations for you, according to your exact requirements. Our written work strives to demonstrate to law students what their desired standard of work should look like (Upper First Class, 1st Class or upper 2:1, or lower 2. i).

With this insight the law student can use this to revise for an exam or use the law model from which they may take inspiration when producing your own unique work in the future.

In other words, our academic essay writer will provide you with a individualised study guide to assist you enhance your own legal writing and grades, rather than a ready-made answer that you may submit as your own. We do not condone cheating.