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Situated at Old Choa Chua Kang Road, Nirvana Singapore also known as Nirvana Memorial Garden is the first ever privatized and modernized columbarium in Singapore. Surrounding it is greenery coupled with tranquility and serenity that was designed with aspects of Feng Shui elements.

Nirvana Memorial Garden houses facilities that provide a professional touch to the bereavement culture in Singapore. The beautiful and intricate architecture has revamped the image of the traditional perception of somberness and solemnity associated with columbariums to that of a peaceful and elegant environment for people to pay respects to the departed.

The intricacy and efforts placed into the whole structure and system of Nirvana Memorial Garden is attributed to the roots of Chinese culture. The value of Filial Piety is heavily emphasized through the concepts of pre-planning of niches for one’s elders and descendants. Having spent decades in the education of the importance of pre-planning, Nirvana Memorial Garden has neither stopped nor slowed down in its efforts to showcase a different side of the bereavement culture. It has become a highly recognized name and known as a six star columbarium in Singapore as well as several other countries.

Nirvana Singapore columbarium is the best choice for one’s permanent last resting peaceful place, in remembrance of one’s roots of life and human ties.






What is Pre-planning?

Pre-planning is the planning for the afterlife. This concept is widely accepted in developed countries like that of America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Pre-planning is the preparation of a niche and/or ancestral pedestal while one is still consciously clear. Preparing one’s niche for a self or an elder provides a peace of mind that one does not have to worry about his/her afterlife arrangements after passing on because the final journey has been prepared well beforehand.

Pre-planning is a strong way of expressing love for one’s loved ones, whereby pre-planning for elders is a sign of filal piety from a younger generation to his predecessors. Meanwhile pre-planning for self and descendants is an expression of love towards our children by showing that they would not need to fret over the afterlife issues of their predecessors because everything has been prepared without having them to worry in future.


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