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I have been teaching law for 20 years!

“You may be asking yourself, why choose me as your law tutor? Especially considering the numerous law tutors you have to choose from. It is essential that you choose the right tutor.”


I take my responsibility as a law tutor very seriously. I look to provide my services as more of a mentor than as an educator not just tells students what the answer is. I provide constant support to my students giving them tasks to do at home to see how much knowledge they have retained from a session, as well as giving ongoing guidance and support which will support with a student’s professional growth. Most of all I teach law students how to become lawyers. My ethos is to make a positive difference to how my students find the study of law as well as ensuring my students meet their own personal goals.

My Work ethic

I am an extremely reliable individual. I consistently provide good quality work and performance; and I can be trusted. When I commit to a piece of work or tutoring I always ensure that I meet a student’s expectations as well as giving them piece of mind as well as a worry free experience. I rarely take a day off, my laptop comes everywhere with me including my family holidays so I can be available to my students as and when they need me. This allows me to provide a first class service, where students can count on me.

available over the phone

As part of my law tutoring service, all of my students are given my contact details and the assurance that if they need me I am just a phone call or email away. I generally work office hours, however I will always make time for my students this includes evenings and weekends to ensure that my students feel confident that they are receiving the best possible service. I am available to speak to students on the phone during office hours. I am also available to my current students by messaging outside of office hours. If a student has an emergency, I will always make myself available to help and support them.

I respond within 2 hours

I believe that the most important element of a quality service, as defined by the customers, is a quick response time. As I work alone, I can guarantee that I will respond to any new query sent to me within 2 hours during office hours. On weekends and evenings new students can expect a response time of less than 24 hours, however I endeavour to respond as soon as practically possible. If I am teaching just drop me a message and I will get back to you within 2 hours of you sending the message.

a professional law tutor with 20 years experience

i offer law tutoring in London and the U.K.

Have you been scouring the web look for law tutors? There are numerous law tutors on the web. How can you find a reliable law tutor that you will use all the way through your studies? If you are looking for a law tutor you have come to the right place. Please take a moment to read what I have to say. This may be exactly what you are looking for and its here. I have written law text books for law students. Take a look at my publications.

my legal Qualifications

I am a Barrister at Law (Lincoln’s Inn). I was called to the Bar in 2007. I have 20 years’ experience teaching law and in the legal profession. I also practice Employment Law providing advocacy and representation at Employment Tribunals in and around London and in the United Kingdom. I am a LLB graduate, and an LLM holder with Distinction. In my LLM year of study, I achieved the highest grade in my cohort, exceeding an 75 percent average.

I am a PRACTICING lawyer

Over the years, I have worked for many solicitor firms in London. I have worked for Law Clinic’s where I used my skills in advocacy and legal training to represent individuals/ businesses for free in Court and Tribunals. I have a time in my career where other lawyers reach out to me to help them on a case in my area of expertise. The difference between myself and other law tutors is my working knowledge from both practise and teaching experience. I am able to help develop students to think like lawyers ready for practice.

i understand a Student’s needs

I have worked for many of the tutoring agencies in London since 2010. I have worked professionally as a law tutor, both at University and privately for 15 years. This has brought me into contact with thousands of law students from the around the globe, studying different courses at different institutions all of whom were looking for additional support from a law tutor to help them excel at their course. All of my teaching experience makes me an all-round law tutor, who can identify a student’s area of weakness and help mould them for their future career as a solicitor or barrister.

I teach all aspects of law

I have had students from every law course both domestic and International for example I have taught International students studying for an English law degree. I have taught International students coming to the UK to study for their LLM. I have also had the privilege of teaching the New York Bar Course working with BARBRI. I was a lecturer for the University of Westminster where I was the module leader in Tax Law and a law tutor in four other legal subjects. I can teach any law student and support them throughout their course. I provide support and tuition in the all law courses, LLB, LLM, PGDL, PGDIp and SQE.

Law Tuition in, london

I provide law tuition to law students. I am an independent law tutor based in Regent Street in London.  I have been a lecturer at Westminster University, where I taught five different subjects in law. I now law tutor students privately. I have never had a dissatisfied student, each law student leaves my sessions enriched and with a better understanding of where their headed with clarity. I list reasons below as to why my students thrive with me as their law tutor:

experienced law tutor

I am a experienced profrssional law tutor that has been teaching law since 2003. I have seen how all university syllabuses and courses have developed over time. I have had the experience of seeing how the internal university marking system works and at the same time I have been able to see what doesn’t work.  We are now in a time where legal courses are changing, since the introduction of new courses such as the PGDL and the SQE. I have devised a study style that compliments the new type of learning for multiple choice questions.

I am a responsive professional

I would be working with you as a consultant and due to the nature of law tutoring I work alone with my students. Working alone allows me to be responsible for all of the teaching and responsible for all of my students. The buck stops with me and all of my students always do well, so much so that they return as they progress with their legal studies. Working like this allows me to be responsive, if you email me you do not have to deal with an administrative team, you will be in direct contact with me from the outset. This allows me to build trusting relationships.

all Law tutoring is held online

I am a law tutor who holds all of my sessions online, I do this for a very important reason. Firstly, the Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged lots of us to work and study from home to ensure that we keep ourselves, our families and those around us safe. COVID is unlikely to go away in the near future and we have all adapted to a different way of both working and studying. Secondly, I am committed to sustainability and reducing my carbon footprint, travelling into London daily negatively impacts our environment and city. I do have an office located in London as a base however I work remotely 90% of the time. Sessions can be accommodated via a variety of means such as Zoom meetings for 1:1 law tutoring.


I provide support and tuition in the following courses:

  • LLB Tuition and Tutoring

  • GDL Tuition

  • PGDL Tuition

  • CILEX Tuition

  • MA Tuition

  • LLM Tuition

  • LPC Tuition

  • SEQ 1 Tuition

  • SQE 2 Tuition

  • Bar Course Tuition

  • Law Job Applications

  • Career Advice


Sessions can be accommodated via a variety of means such as:

  • Zoom meetings for 1:1 law tutoring

  • Skype law tutoring

  • Face Time audio and video

  • Teams law tuition

  • Telephone sessions law tutoring

  • Working simultaneously on Google Docs

  • Going through notes

  • Essay Marking online

  • Going through slides

  • Editing and proofreading

  • Research

Law Tutoring

See what law students are saying:

“I went to see Law Tutor and I had an excellent experience. I have been coming here for three years. There is help out there!

When I initially began attending law tuition, I was really inept at writing law essays. However, this law tutoring greatly helped me and as a result my legal studies have improved significantly.

The law tutor, is fantastic and really helpful. He assisted me on a wide range of subjects and was always kind, professional, and willing to help me in any way he could - as is the rest of the Law Tutor team.

It’s like having your own personal law lecturer. I would strongly advise all university law students to benefit from this type of law tuition.
— Rhaul