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Knee Braces, Knee Sleeves, Knee Supports and pain relief

The different types and uses of knee supports

Whether it’s a knee sleeve, knee brace or strap, knee supports are used for injury prevention, more confidence in your knees, pain relief, injury recovery and everyday use.

So if it’s a sports injury, sore knee or painful condition; a knee support can help you to get walking or running again. Knee supports can also help prevent acute injuries or overuse by protecting your knee and taking some weight off the knee joint. 

This makes knee supports very useful for running, cycling, football, rugby and other fitness activities that cause damage and are taxing on the knee. 

They also become more and more necessary as we get older. Conditions such as Osteoarthritis in the knee and injuries like meniscus tear become more common and knee supports can help restore confidence.

The different types and features

Injury incidents require stronger support in order to help the knee recovery properly. Knee braces are therefore the go-to choice for sports injuries and very painful incidents that cause damage to soft-tissues.

Knee support sleeves are more of a universal option, all of our knee sleeves have medical compression which makes them the best for pain relief and everyday support. 

They are also more comfortable and give you more freedom when bending the knee. This is actually is the reason why runner’s knee supports are usually knee sleeves; they don’t get in the way too much or support the knee too much. 

As mentioned earlier, injury prevention is another one of the most common uses of knee supports. 

Especially if the knee support prevents the knee from doing any unnatural twisting, bending or overextending. 

Uses of Knee supports

We are committed to helping you find the best knee support for your needs, injury or condition. 

That’s why we’ve made choosing the right support as easy as possible by giving you all the necessary advice and guidance on the best knee supports whether it’s for:

  • The gym
  • Running
  • Arthritis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Injury Prevention
  • Pain relief 
  • Everyday support 
  • Painful conditions 
  • General use 
  • Surgery recovery

We have an informative, well researched blog that is updated frequently, please have a look and see if any of our blog posts can give you some ideas or help with learning more about knee supports.

We’re dedicated to giving you the very best in Knee supports, Knee sleeves, and Knee braces. Please reach out to customer services if you think you need a bit more advice or guidance.

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