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Covering grief sensitively before, during and after the interview


A sudden death can turn people's worlds upside-down. Learn how to handle these conversations with care and respect

Podcast articlePlatforms and public interest journalism, with Sameer Padania


The Twitter chaos, Meta's receding support for news, Google's privacy payouts. Disruptions to big tech hurt digital media the most - so where do we go from here?

Vicarious trauma: considerations for news leaders

Learn how to model good leadership and create a healthy newsroom culture

What publishers can learn from gaming

Newsgames are time-consuming and costly to produce but they offer dopamine hit that can bring in a new, loyal audience

Imposter syndrome vs expert syndrome: how to interview specialists

Experts are a valuable source of knowledge but sometimes their ego gets in the way of news gathering. Find out how to talk to them with confidence

Today’s top tip for journalists

Tip: Five steps to making your workplace Gen Z friendly


Hire and retain talent from a generation with different expectations at work

Jobs board

Investigations reporter

Weekly medical trade journal is seeking an investigative reporter with senior level journalism experience to join its investigations unit on a six-month, fixed-term contract, researching and reporting investigative features across all platforms

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IBS trial discovers all-in-one treatment

Virtual trial reveals Enterosgel®, an intestinal adsorbent, is a safe effective treatment for the main symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhoea (IBS-D)

Freelancers for hire


"Success can’t just be measured in metrics": Inside the digital transformation at DC Thomson

The publisher passed the 25k paid subscribers milestone as it seeks to build a sustainable model for local and national news

Tortoise Media says its audio journalism is profitable, but its business model is not

Podcasts are proving better at monetising content, membership conversions and reaching younger audiences

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