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Over 100 Services For UK Homes & Businesses

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How Our Specialist Hazardous Waste Removal Services Work For You?

Any solid waste that can harm humans, animals or our environment is called hazardous waste. Flammable, corrosive and toxic materials are counted under this category. Hence, utmost care and caution are required to tackle such components.

A lot of industries generate hazardous waste, but you might be surprised that a common household in the UK also contributes to hazardous waste. For instance, oils, batteries, aerosols and solvents are available in all houses nowadays.

What is hazardous waste removal?

Hazardous waste removal is the collection and disposal of hazardous waste as per the laws. Improper disposal of such degenerated materials is dangerous for everyone. Some of its harmful impacts on human beings include cancer, chemical burns and even mutation. The environment is also at risk because the hazardous waste can destroy a lot of animals and their habitat, and also lead to explosions.

What is the process of hazardous waste removal?

The exact procedure depends upon the nature of hazardous waste. However, the first step is collection and transportation. The professionals remove the wastage and take it to a disposal area. They also treat and store the waste as per the guidelines.

Disposal of hazardous waste

The hazardous waste is not nature-friendly. So, it’s crucial to dispose them according to the guidelines made by the government. Otherwise, you might have to pay penalties. Thankfully, you have the option to contact professionals. They can do everything from collection to disposal. Hazardous waste experts can classify the waste materials even if you do not know their type. In the end, the cleaning experts also give you a certification of disposal.

Hazardous chemical spill

A hazardous chemical spill can have harmful impacts if not cleaned immediately. In case of such an accident, you should consult the professionals because only they are trained and experienced to deal with such substances. If the spill contains a known chemical, effective steps need to be taken to keep everyone safe. The risks are higher if the spill is unidentified. A dedicated breathing mechanism is required to deal with such situations. Hence, it’s better to contact the experts if you notice a chemical spill.

The professional cleaners collect, carry and dispose of the chemical as per the laws. Most hazardous chemical removal agencies are available 24 by 7. Hence, you can contact them immediately after seeing a spill. Otherwise, the following incidents are possible:

  • Corrosive acids are ignitable and can ignite combustible materials in case of any contact.
  • Direct contact with hazardous chemicals causes skin burns and its fumes are also harmful if inhaled by mistake.
  • Concentrated corrosive acid produces toxic fumes when exposed to water and many other chemicals. Such emissions are harmful to humans, animals and all other living organisms.

The above-mentioned effects can last for a long time if the chemical spills are not tackled swiftly. Collection and disposal of such chemicals are also risky if not performed carefully. The area covered by the chemical spill, the type of chemicals and the decontamination results decides how to deal with the incident. Hence, only professionals can perform such tasks without any mistakes.

Steps to deal with a hazardous chemical spill

Safety should be the priority. So, evacuate the area and contact a professional cleaner for hazardous waste. They will assess the site and try to contain the spill. In case of unidentified spills, the experts take the sample to know its cleaning procedure. All the actions are documented for future reference.


What kind of waste materials are classified as hazardous?

Any unwanted materials that stand as a threat to humans, animals or our environment, is classed as hazardous. For instance, asbestos, chemicals like print toner/brake fluid, pesticides, fluorescent light bulbs, electronic items with cathode rays like monitors and televisions, solvents and batteries are hazardous waste materials.

Can I clean hazardous chemical spills myself?

The hazardous chemical spills are harmful to humans. The fumes generated by such fluids could be fatal. Plus, acids can react randomly when they come in contact with water. A lot of chemicals can also cause ignition. Such situations could be dangerous for all the surrounding living beings.

The clean-up and removal of hazardous spills need planning and protection. So, it is best to contact the professionals. Only they can neutralize the threat according to the nature of the chemical.

Can hazardous waste go to a landfill?

Hazardous waste like fibrous asbestos, contaminated soil and industrial chemical waste are used in landfills in remote areas. All such waste goes through laboratory testing to ensure they are suitable for landfill.

How to dispose of hazardous waste UK?

Find the nearest hazardous waste removal expert. If you reside in England or Wales, you can check the local hazardous waste disposal service provider at The citizens of Scotland can visit the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) site for more information.

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