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Want to figure out your course grades from university? You can quickly calculate your marks and keep track of your study grades with the aid of our simple university grade calculator. No matter what degree programme or area of specialisation you are striving for—whether you are enrolled in online LLB degree courses or a BA in law—we have you covered.

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The Oxbridge Undergraduate Grade Calculator works by first obtaining your percentage mark for each of your university courses (assignments or modules) or academic years, as well as the percentage weighting or credit weighting, and then calculating a weighted average for the portions of the work that you have already finished. This final grade calculator will give you a total weighted average for the whole undergraduate degree. This university grades calculator or final grade calculator allows to to check that you are headed for the right degree classification. Using the grade calculator uni, know what you have to achieve in the way of marks to secure your desired wanted degree classification by using the grade average calculator.

The Norrington score, devised in the 1960s by Sir Arthur Norrington, a former President of Trinity College, offers a means of assessing finals in Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) Degree achievement for students at each college. The Norrington score is calculated as a percentage depending on the categories of undergraduate degrees given. It is computed by allocating a score of five to a first-class degree, three to a 2:1 degree, two to a 2:2 degree, one to a third-class degree, and zero to a pass or honours pass. The percentage is obtained by dividing the overall college grade point average by the maximum possible grade point average for the institution (for example number of degrees awarded per college x score of 5).

The Norrington Score

The Norrington Score is meant to be suggestive only, and no particular weight should be placed on a College's performance in any one year.  The disparities between Colleges' scores are minor, and a single student receiving a 1st instead of a 2.1 might boost a College's ranking by four or five spots. It's also worth noting that the final grade calculator score measures absolute performance and is not adjusted for student background or past academic success, and so does not always reflect improvement gained while on course value-added. The score is based on students who are members of a College rather than students who are taught by that College. Students are usually taught by tutors from a variety of institutions, as well as by their department or faculty.

Undergraduate Degree Classifications

Final Grade Calculator

Undergraduate Degree Calculator

To use this calculator, you will need to be familiar with two concepts:

1.       Calculate the grade for whatever assignment(s) you choose to calculate; and

2.       What percentage did the assignment(s) contribute to the module's grade? ( 30 or 50% weighting)

This calculator will calculate the weighted grade(s) for each overall year’s study and put them together to arrive at a final grade for your undergrauate degree.

Weighted Grade