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How Our Specialist End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Work For You?


Are you moving to a new house? The packaging and transport are challenging and time-consuming. Then, you also have to clean the premises. But, do not worry.

You can consult a professional to perform end of tenancy cleaning to eliminate all the dust and cover up the damages.

Most landlords doubt their tenants have not cleaned the property or caused expensive damages. Moving out is a stressful experience. So, we don’t think you need additional headaches from the landlord. It’s where the end of tenancy cleaning comes into the picture.

What is the end of tenancy cleaning service?

Relocation of rented accommodation is nerve-racking. It requires multiple steps including hiring packers & movers, organizing your possessions, filtration of unwanted items, checking for any damages in the current residence, and buying items for your new space. Then, you have to change the addresses in school, bank and other records.

Transferring subscriptions is another time-consuming task. Above all, you must clean the current place to leave as a gentleman and get your deposit back without any discussions. The end of tenancy cleaning services is helpful in this situation.

The end of tenancy cleanup deals with all the dust and grime. The experts spend extra time cleaning high-traffic areas, including the bathroom and kitchen. With their help, you can leave the space sparkling clean without any miss.

You might think of the end of tenancy cleaning as a self-service task. But, it’s challenging and tiresome. Hence, consulting professionals is better instead of doing all the hard work on your own.

Move Out Cleaning Services Agencies and Move In Cleaning Companies are always able to offer all aspects of end of tenancy cleaning services in England, Scotland and Wales including carpet and upholstery cleaning, pet fumigation, oven cleaning and range of other specialist cleaning services designed to help you move into a neat and clean home. End Of Tenancy Cleaning Today also offers same day and last minute end of tenancy cleaning services, move out cleaning services, move in cleaning services, end of lease cleaning services and range of other specialist cleaning solutions. Whether you have been let downed by a cleaning company or you just want last minute job done, just get in touch with End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company Today!

Advantages of end of tenancy cleaning

The end of tenancy cleaning comes with a lot of benefits, especially if you consult the professional home move cleaners for this task.

  • High-grade cleaning: The end of tenancy cleanup experts can tackle any situation. Plus, they have the latest tools. So, you can get high-grade cleaning results without much hard work.
  • Removal of stubborn stains: The cleaning professionals use commercial-grade vacuums, pressure washers, sweepers and carpet cleaners to deal with difficult marks. So, you might not notice even a single stain in your residence after the cleaning.
  • Overall dust collection: End of tenancy cleanup experts use high-end tools to get rid of all the dirt particles, including touch-to-reach corners and challenging-to-clean carpeted floors. So, your landlord might not find any point to complain.
  • Time and money saving: Leaving a good impression on your landlord is easy if you perform end of tenancy cleaning. This process ensures a spotless kitchen and bathroom, stain-free walls, dust-free worktops and zero grime. Everything without investing a lot of time and money. Contact the experts and they do the needful without your help.

Steps included at the end of tenancy cleanup

  • Wiping and dusting all the floors and materials
  • Cleaning of appliances including oven, dishwasher and refrigerator
  • Wiping of all the cupboards, both internal and external areas
  • Window cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of high-traffic areas like bathroom and kitchen
  • Vacuum cleaning of carpets and upholstery items
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Hard floor mopping
  • You can customize the cleaning package as per your requirements.

Cleaning Certification

Almost all the end of tenancy cleaning experts offer a cleaning certificate after they are done with all the work. You can show it to the landlords and let them know that the house is clean as per the highest standards. You can also provide the certificate to the real estate agent. It might be helpful for the new tenants.

End of tenancy cleaning charges

The price for such a cleaning task depends upon multiple factors. The size of your property plays a major role. Most cleaning service providers measure the size according to the number of rooms, not in square feet. The investment also varies according to the type of residence – flat or house and the number of staircases.


Why is the end of tenancy cleaning required?

Most of the tenant agreements clearly state that the paying guest has to clean and organise the property while checking out. If you fail to fulfil this clause, then the landlord might deduct a certain amount from your security deposit. Hence, the end of tenancy cleanup is crucial once you plan to move out of a rented house.

The end of tenancy is also useful if you have purchased a new property. The cleaning process ensures the new space is safe for you and your family members.

When can I get the end of tenancy cleaning done?

You can contact the cleaning professionals 24 by 7. Call, e-mail or message one of the best service providers in your area. They will contact you shortly with a quote.

Are the oven and other kitchen appliances cleaned during the end of tenancy cleanup?

Yes, the end of tenancy cleaning experts take care of the oven, refrigerator and other electronic items in your kitchen. They clean the oven regardless of the size. If you have a fridge, empty and defrost it around 24 hours before the expert arrives.

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