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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks to be continually evolving by doing things like taking trips to europe to experience culture, whereas blue collar tend to do things that provide immediate gratification but little development, such as annual trips to to party. Maybe his head is too far up his ass. Proud Blue Collar worker weighing here. First off, response to the comment of white collar workers experiencing culture whereas blue collar workers do things that provide immediate gratification…Total load. I've worked mills, the construction industry, and warehousing, and those men and women I worked with wanted nothing more than to visit places like the UK and the Pacific Islands and the Medaterrian, but unfortunately, our hours and wages wouldn't and allow it…Not to mention that they weren't the most secure jobs the world, there were a lot of lay-offs and random days off because of the lack of orders or weather, or whatever came up. Only 2 out of the hundreds of people I worked with were uncultured and ignorant partyers, and those were the ones who just weren't raised to be above the influence…Know what I mean? here's the other side of the coin. I be proud as the day is to be a blue-collar worker. I running machines, playing with tools, working with hands and being able to look at a structure or a piece of furniture and say Hey, I had a hand building that. It's awesome feeling. A not--great feeling though is breathing powdered formaldehyde, being burned, cut, crushed under the weight of things you have no choice but to handle alone because you're working with a skeleton crew…As such, I would have no problem becoming a white collar worker if the opportunity ever arose. It's all about what's best for you. Why all the hostility? everyone gets on here and beats up Why? Does speak of a truth that actually exists, but we aren't willing to accept? Personally, I think is right on the money with all of his comments. Granted they are blanket statements that shouldn't necessarily cover all aspects of both Blue and White collared workers, but he's pretty close. However, this is the main point was driving at: all all, the life path of studying college career higher payscale and better quality of life general, is the superior route. Following those steps tends to produce what is considered a White Collar person worker. Not following those steps tends to produce what is considered a Blue Collar worker person. However, some of the other things says sound a little condescending. You can disagree with me if you want, its only opinion. But he is not. He doesnt even know what jobs are actually blue collar like most people 't. Let me give you a hint service jobs are pink collar not blue. jobs people mention are actually pink or grey collar. Most blue collar jobs require training and critical thinking for a reason. I myself am a blue collar worker and I have been allover the world from Europe to half a dozen tropical islands And honestly the only white collar workers I know that make more than I do are doctors I know LOTS of white collar office workers that 't make much money at all all the things said on here do not hold true for all blue collar workers. as a blue collar worker you can't make me feel bad I actually feel bad for the white collar workers that pay tons of money for collage then come out and make less than half I do I'm sure while they were collage I was making money and seeing the world I have no debt only home mortgage