The Wonderful & Frightening World Of Patrick Michalishyn – Episode 220, March 19/20, 2020

20 March 2020 at 12:00 pm


Self-isolation is in full effect. I’m blown away at how ok I am with it. I need people around to recharge. The house is clean enough; not much is going out. I’m more pleased with myself than ever when my advertising works. I bought a new video game. I love games with a bajillion unlockables. I know they’re zeros and ones. I know they’re variations of a code and usually just a new skin; no new abilities or anything. It means nothing, but the percentage points increasing make me feel like I’m getting things done.

I also started watching Twin Peaks. Finally!

Stay Strong, Service Industry – Tape_Worm
—Dr. Bartender [M11] – Alexander Courage—
Apres L’Apocalypse – Jacky Chalard & Gilbert Deflez
Elevator Music – Beck
1+1=13 – Malibu Ken
Nacht – Dictaphone
Quirks – Ultravox!
—Card Tricks [M22} – Fred Steiner—
Don’t Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone – Can
Shrine – 23 Skidoo
Frog In Her Throat/Alien Drugstore – The Imajinary Friends
Jannisary – Demdike Stare
International Velvet – Karl Bartos
Taste The Night – Spectrum
—Warp One [M62] – Alexander Courage—
Johnny – Jim Sullivan
Tear Stained Letter – Johnny Cash
Shout – Dion
Seems Like I Traveled – David Del Conte
If It’s Monday Morning – Lee Hazlewood
Giovanno – Link Wray
She Touched Me – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
Sad City – Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
Man From The Past – Devo
—Joe Berserk [M21] – Alexander Courage—
Can’t Make Love – Wall Of Voodoo
Big Shot – The Weirdos
Numbered – Wire
Rome On $5 A Day – Xex
Night Soil – The Stargazer’s Assistant
Ocean Song – Redsayno
—Mother Earth – Fred Steiner—

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