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Over 100 Services For UK Homes & Businesses

Easy Online Booking, Contactless Payments and Guaranteed Great Work!

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How Our Specialist Crime Scene Cleaning Services Work For You?

Crime scenes should be cleaned as soon as possible because biological elements are generally dangerous to humans. Crime scene cleaning or decontamination of any other spot infected by traumatic accidents must be done by professionals. They have the appropriate technique, gear, clothing and protection to perform such tasks. You cannot clean, disinfect and sanitize a crime scene using traditional tools.

Unfortunate incidents like unattended deaths, suicide, homicide, and accidental death or any such occurrence call for crime scene cleanup. Using the infected area for any activity is not recommended until the cleaning is over.

Who is responsible for crime scene cleanup?

Once the police department finishes its investigation, the crime location is released back to the owner or the management. If you own the property or you are the managing director, it’s your responsibility to get the area cleaned by professionals. The cleaning process must comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

As an owner or managing director, you must ensure the safety of the individuals accessing your property. Hence, we recommend you consult professional crime scene cleaners for the best possible results. Most of them are available 24 by 7. Hence, you can contact them immediately after you notice any unwanted incident.

An incident where human fluid is involved could be dangerous for human health. Hence, the cleaning process should include an evaluation of potential risks, and a detailed plan for decontaminating the area and cleaning the harmful waste. The risk assessment is crucial to understand how the surrounding people need to act.

How to perform crime scene cleanup?

The regular house staff cannot perform crime scene cleaning because they lack training. Plus, they might get infected due to having zero or less experience. Hence, it’s better to consult professionals to accomplish such a challenging task.

Moreover, cleaning the crime scene yourself might void your insurance coverage. No such thing happens if an expert deals with the cleanup. Other reasons to contact a professional are:

  • A lot of crime scene cleaning agencies offer expert advice to help you recover quickly.
  • They restore the fabrics and furniture correctly. Plus, you get a piece of evidence if an insurance claim is required.
  • Assurance of zero pest infestation.
  • Keeps you and your family safe by removing harmful elements.

Steps in crime scene cleanup

  • Indoor disinfection to prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens.
  • Overall cleaning with special attention over infected spots
  • Smell-proof packaging and safe disposal of objects that are not supposed to be cleaned.
  • Pest control to ensure zero contaminations, especially in case of corpse discovery.
  • Use of ULV foggers to eradicate any bacteria
  • Steam penetration to prevent foul odour. The professionals can also use halogen disinfection or ozone generators as per the situation.
  • Commercial-grade cleaning and guttering of the property.
  • Restoration of the property to make it usable
  • Digital documentation of all the steps as a DVD
  • Issue of certification.
  • Discreet handling of all the materials.

Picking the crime scene cleaner

Remember the following factors before consulting a crime scene cleanup expert:

  • Property damage: Replacement of broken furniture or walls is the best way to deal with the damage. However, you can opt for restoration in case of minor destruction.
  • Sentimental items: Some of your objects like photo frames, souvenirs, tables or beds need to be destroyed after the crime. You can ask for the list of destructed items if you want it. Otherwise, you can get the emotionally-attached objects cleaned rather than vandalized. Additional cleaning adds up to the cost.
  • Expertise level: Crime scene cleaning is an expensive service, generally available at an hourly rate. So, ensure you hire an experienced cleaning provider who can provide satisfactory results.
  • Budget: Decide the maximum amount you can invest in crime scene cleanup. The charges differ according to the service provider. So, it’s better to compare the prices and pick someone within your budget. Traumatic cleaning is more expensive than domestic cleaning. Hence, invest the money wisely.
  • Location: Pick a cleanup agency nearby your current location to reduce the investment. Check the number of companies active in your area, compare them, and consult the best.

Can I cleanup a crime scene myself?

We would never recommend cleaning of crime scene yourself. It’s a risk to your life. Plus, the wastage from crime scenes can be removed and disposed of under strict guidelines. So, performing such a tricky cleanup without expert help is not a bright idea.

Most crime or traumatic scenes comprise body fluids, syringes, and/or sharp objects. Such elements can spread lots of blood-borne diseases, like Hepatitis B, C and even HIV. Hence, such areas must be treated by trained experts with personal protective equipment (PPE). The experienced trauma cleaners not only remove all the potential risks to your health and sanitize your property, but they will also take care of the wastage.

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