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We pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

We pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II


Our Law Tuition Service

If you are a law student hoping to become a barrister and go on to provide legal advice, it is vital that you do well at law school in this competitive legal market. Many of the people you will be competing for jobs with have attended prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard law school.

“Based on our observations of the growth of the legal education sector, we determined that it was the appropriate time to establish a new range of services in order to better meet the demands of the law students, future lawyers and the legal profession."

You must think about what is going to make you a more attractive candidate to barrister chambers or law firms. To become a lawyer takes more than knowledge of statutes and common law. You need to understand litigation this is what law firms want. Most of all you need to get top marks. See how we can help you. We have many law tutors that can mentor you through your legal education.

We are the first place to come for LLB tutor, GDL tutor & PGDL tutor.


Law Tutors for PGDL, GDL & LLB Courses

We provide law tuition to students that are enrolled in a university law conversion programme at the University of Law and BPP. This encompasses both the GDL tutor and the PGDL tutor. Law tuition is geared to the syllabus and curriculum being studied. We provide knowledge, study skills and exam technique in addition to offering a strong foundation in academic legal abilities. We also provide LLB tutor for the law degree for students in year 1, 2 and 3, to help ensure you become a law graduate. We have the right teachers for every occasion. See our tutors.

Specialist law tuition for Masters LLM and MA degrees.


Law Tuition for Masters of Laws LLM

By enhancing your expertise in a specialised field of law, pursuing a Master of Laws (LLM) may provide you with an advantage in an increasingly competitive industry. Our law tutors can assist you in the study if you are on a Master of Laws (LLM) programme. A LLM law tutor is a professional with highly relevant expertise in critical areas of law, as well as practise with a focus on the current financial and commercial world. We have many LLM tutors in variety specialty legal electives, ready to teach academic or professional students. We want to see our students become LLM graduates and go on to do great things with their skills.

We have law tutors for professional legal courses to help you qualify as Solicitors and Barristers.


Professional Law Tutoring for LPC, SQE & Bar Course

Are you looking for a law tutor? We are tutors for law students and professional law tutoring to help you get qualified. City Law Tutor specialise in tutoring Barrister and Solicitors Professional Law Course Qualifications. Our tutors provide tuition and training in all Bar Course main modules and electives. Some of our tutors will have just graduated from prominent Bar Course institutions (ICSL, BPP, and UoL), while others will work in leading London barristers' chambers. City Law Tutor wants to help you on your journey to be called to the Bar.

If you already have a place on the Legal Practice Course (LPC) we have LPC Law tutor who can help you with Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Business Law and Practice and Property Law. The LPC is now being replaced with the Solicitors Qualification Exam (SQE). Whatever the pathway you have chosen where are here to help you be called to the Roll of Solicitors.

Our SQE tutor can help with the vocational level of training for people wishing to qualify as solicitors. All of the SQE main topics and electives are covered by City Law Tutor's specialised tutoring and training. Some of our law tutors will have just graduated from top LPC institutions, while others will have worked for top legal firms, as well as magic and silver circle businesses.

Law Tutors in London

Online Law Tutoring and Teaching

Our online law tutors are among the best in the industry. They might be university professors or lecturers, other professionals with in-depth knowledge of their area, or researchers. Some have graduated from the best University colleges in the country, while others have spent their whole life in the classroom. We also provide online law tutoring to law students, so that they do not have to leave their desk to have their law lessons. Compare the tutors in London providing online law tuition in for law students in the UK and worldwide.

Our Recruitment Policy

We recognise that we are only as good as the teachers we recruit. As a consequence, we pick law tutors with great care. All candidates are subjected to in-depth interviews and a thorough evaluation of their qualifications. We only recruit law tutors with outstanding academic qualifications. We require not just a First Class Honours Degree and/or a Masters Degree or equivalent postgraduate degree, but also from one of the country's top universities or institutions.

Law Tutor Jobs

Are you looking for a job as a law tutor? We currently have opportunities for law tutors to teach one-to-one and in groups. We invite applications from bright and talented individuals with outstanding backgrounds, exemplary academic qualifications and excellent communication skills.


Our tutors are some of the best in the field. You must have at least a First Class Honours Degree and/or professional and postgraduate qualifications. The ability to convey understanding in relation to complex areas of the law is essential, as is being able to communicate effectively to people at different academic levels and of varying academic ability and provide a high level of law tuition.


At the heart of our educational philosophy is the tutor should be commitment to assisting students in developing into self-sufficient, motivated learners capable of succeeding in higher education. To do this, we recognise the need of providing a flexible, responsive experience that caters to the unique demands of learners with varying backgrounds, requirements, and speed.

Choose your level of Law Tutor

One-on-one law tutoring is the most certain way to improve your outcomes and is a tried and tested strategy. It is the foundation of the tutorial system at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and it works exceptionally effectively. We realise how competitive private law tuition is, which is why prices vary greatly and may appear to be rather high. However, as we have shown, private law tuition may be a great investment! Private, one-on-one law tutoring sessions with an expert usually result in a considerable improvement in a subject. We help students progress while maintaining a high grade average. Learning does not have to be difficult. We are all judged on results so, get law tuition early.

Our service is unique in that all of our law tutors are of the highest quality available in the law tutoring market. Our law tutors are rigorously vetted; they are all highly educated legal academics in their field. As legal educators, we are aware of the criteria of a successful law tutor. Because of this information, we are able to recruit experienced law tutors for our tutoring team. Some of our law tutors have over 30 years of experience and have graduated from the country's top universities. They are all highly educated or have top legal professions and all specialise in law.

City Law Tutor London offers tutors at the following levels:

  1. Professional lawyer;

  2. Senior Lecturer;

  3. Legal academic; and

  4. LPC or BVC Graduate.