Betel Nut Factory and Wholesaler from Indonesia

We provide our betel nut from 20.986 acres plantation in Sumatera, Indonesia. Along with, we directly source and process all of our areca nut ourselves ensuring the highest quality, most efficient product delivery and ready to be sent worldwide such as Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar, China, and Iran with an international standard of regulation.


Sumatera, Indonesia


Jambi, Indonesia


Port of Jambi / Tanjung Priok

Betel Nut Products

We process all the different qualities available including all grades of betel nuts. Where each quality is used for different purposes. Also, we utilize sun drying to thoroughly dry our betel nut followed by polishing machines to clean and extract impurities. Our dedicated staff our highly trained in sorting betel nuts to ensure consistent product quality as per our customers requirements.

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Start from $995/MT

Betel Nut Detail

High-Quality 95-97% Purity

PT. Ardim Export Djaya Nusantara is one of Indonesia’s company engaged in the manufacturing and trading of agricultural products with high quality materials.

Furthermore, we strive for mutually beneficial business relationships with everybody in our supply chain while acting responsibly through our Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

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