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Latest Reviews

Deandre Mctee

This place is amazing the security is super friendly and willing to give you as much advice as they can give and the ppl behind the counter are no different! Love these ppl they rock!

Mickey 71

Got a couple joints this time. I didn’t expect them to be this good, most places use a lot of trim etc but this was pure buds, smelled and tasted great, and the one I tried was potent (Cherry AK-47). The guy who helped me was one of the friendliest and most helpful bud tenders I’ve ever met. The new bar code info he showed me on the concentrates is a badass idea, too.

Eric Ha

If you haven’t heard of them already then you have to check them out for yourself. Mission organic is a 5 star dispensary. They have great customer service plug a great selection on cannabis. I give you guys a 5 keep up the good work. I love you Mission Organic!!!


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